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Gypsy Queen

This record is about life. We all experience pain and suffering before we depart this planet. Some of us get hit all at once, as I did. 

Going through the sudden death of my identical twin sister was more pain than I ever thought could be endured. Not too long after, I found out the love of my life was also the love of other women’s lives!  I felt like I’d been hit by a truck!    However, this pain awakened a desire in me to create and to share my journey with others.  The songs literally poured out of me.  The amazingly talented guitarist Scotty Migone and I wrote 25 songs in 2 1/2 days, effortlessly!  At one point, I told Scotty we had to stop because I was overwhelmed with emotion. 

I emerged from the darkness and realized that if you don’t accept things as they are, you will suffer.  As one of the songs states, “The Only Way Out Is Through”.  The songs “24”, “No Turning Back” and “Sweet Nothings” tell my stories of betrayal, lies and wasted time.  “Pam’s Song”, about my twin,  really needs no explanation once you hear the song. “Butterfly” is my  goodbye to her on the day she left me, and “Carousel” is about our forever bond.  And, when the sun started to shine again, I had these thoughts about what life really is.  The songs “Happy”, “This Moment Is All We Have”, “Open Up Your Mind”, “Dance Of Life” and “Over the Edge” offer hope and truth.  

Kenny Wendland and Joey Ojeda shared their immense creativity and energy in crafting this collection of songs. Together, we’ve experienced many special moments and our bond is our treasure. 

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